Helping to Indicate the Age of Water Spots

When you have backed-up bathtubs, toilets or sinks that flood, it’s obvious that water damage restorations will be necessary. Nonetheless, your residence can experience water damage in ways that aren’t as straightforward. Since you have plumbing running all over your residence, you can have a pipe leaking or a buildup of condensation between your walls or ceilings. It’s a troublesome incident because this isn’t in view- you won’t know until you there’s water damage, and then it’s hard to diagnose how long the problem has lingered.

You can check how old or new your water problems are by examining the water damage itself since the pipes are hidden. Unfortunately, it’s hard to figure out an exact timeline, but we have some guidance on how to examine the damage so you can come up with an estimated time on how long you’ve had water in the area.

Discover How Old Your Water Damage is with This Guidance

By following the steps listed below, you can find out how new or old the damage induced by water:

  • History of the House: An older residence may already have some previous damage caused from water, so it’s critical to keep track of what’s there and to note if the damage alters overtime. Tracking the weather is a good idea as well, since, if you have a small leak, it can take some time for a spot to surface. Taking note of your water damages can save you a lot of hassle when figuring out whether your water damage is old or new.
  • Touch the Spot: You’ll be able to check whether the damage produced by water is new or old just by touching it. An older spot is going to be soft because the material has taken in a lot of moisture. A newer spot is going to be wet, however, the material will have a feel solid.
  • Look for Rings: Remember how rings on a tree determine the age of the tree? The same approach can be used for water spots. An older water spot is going to have rings around it. They will also be discolored since the spot gets saturated then dries and gets saturated again then dries again, etcetera. A newer spot will be darker with zero rings circling it.
  • Examine the Materials: Get to know the material around your home, since water and moisture can become trapped by thick paint and tiles. So if water spots show up through these types of materials, this indicates the buildup of moisture has remained for a period of time.
  • Mold Inspection: If you find that bacteria is there, the damage caused by water has lingered for approximately two to three days.
  • Rot: Your material won’t deteriorate by the first case of damage caused by water. So when there has been decomposition, this indicates your material has been exposed to constant flooding or standing water.

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